My name’s Chris. I’m married to a lovely lady and have an awesome daughter. I am a survivor of childhood cancer. In April ’09, I stopped working due to medical illness.  Short version: I was diagnosed with cancer at age 7, and have since had radiation, chemotherapy and spinal surgeries. Although I am now cancer free, I am dealing with daily health complications and what feels like an older-than-should-be body. I began this blog initially to express the anger, sadness, and frustration I felt growing up as a “patient”, but never spoke about. For the dirty details, click below:

The long version ▼

By the way, the leading theory for why I have all these silly diagnoses is that back when I got radiation and chemotherapy (1987-1988), those 2 therapies destroyed a lot of tissue. Sure, they knocked out the cancer, but also many, many other healthy cells that simply stood in the way.

In conclusion: Fuck cancer, love life.


  1. Anna says:

    My sister was diagnosed with a grade III oligodendroglioma back in 1993. She was only four months old. For the next two years she had a VP shunt placement, three tumor resections, 10 surgeries, and 5200 centigrays of radition. Contrary to what many doctors thought, she ended up surviving her cancer and has been tumor-free for over 10 years.
    I created a blog to help many other brain tumor patients get through it. Visit it here:

    • Chris R says:

      Tumor-free for 10 years, how awesome! Your blog is both incredibly loving and procactive – a great combo. Keep it up! Best wishes to you, your tough sis, and family. And thanks for visiting.

  2. Kelsey Stark says:

    Cancer does suck and so does medical problems in general. But you are wonderful, I pray that you will have healing, comfort and in general peace and hope. You are aweseome

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