Unexpected Kindness

Hey, it’s the disappearing me, back again. This time to share an experience that completely surprised me (in the best way).

The Background: Hosting this site isn’t free and costs were not getting any cheaper. Still, I wanted to keep this place alive, even though I hadn’t updated in awhile, so I did. No one, except my wife and dad, knew it was any issue.

About 2 weeks ago: I get an email, unsolicited, from a web hosting company, SiteGround. Here’s a snippet:

“Hello Chris,

[We] went through your website, and… think that what you are doing is both extremely brave and awesome. This site needs to remain online.

We will be more than happy to provide you with free hosting.”

Jaw. Drop. I mean, come on. At a time when I was almost considering ending cancerlifeandme.com. Now came relief, security, and that thing I crave so much and that refills me: peace of mind.

So, all that being said, turns out SiteGround isn’t just a rinky-dink web host. They are considered (after researching) a top WordPress web host company. WordPress is the software that runs this site, FYI. SiteGround makes sure it is accessible and online. They even handled moving my site from my previous web hosting company (and will do that for free, as a courtesy to regular customers, too).

AND… they are affordable. Even MORE with their Halloween sale coming up. Click below to receive 70% off their already low rates. The promotion runs this weekend from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2:

Web Hosting

Is this an ad for them? Of COURSE it is. But damn it, they are amazing, and kind, and generous, and have awesome staff, and they deserve some good press! So there.

SiteGround, thank you so much.


The show “Louie” premiered it’s fourth season this past Monday, with an episode titled, “Back.” In it, Louie (Louis C.K.) visits a doctor for a consultation on back pain. This is a great depiction of an apathetic doctor, and almost feels like the ultimate answer I received after all the appointments/tests:

Even still, the doctor (Charles Grodin) does drop a grain of wisdom during his half-assed evaluation, when he says,

“Every second spent without back pain is a lucky second. String enough of those lucky seconds together, you have a lucky minute.”

Leave it to Louis C.K. to once again blend that perfect mix of absurdity, tragedy, and truth. Watch “Louie” Monday nights on FX, or: Amazon
// iTunes

Good day

Hello. It’s been awhile. How are you? How’s life? Good, I hope. Or, at least better than it’s been for you (if it hasn’t been easy).

Me? Oh, I’m alright. Pretty much same ol, same ol. No real news to break. Pain versus quality of life. Some days are rough, as usual, and some days are not as rough.

But every now and then, there’s a rare instance. A day that approaches close to feeling plain, boring, and normal. Or, as I like to call it, “a good day.”

Today is good. For a few reasons. Woke up feeling pain (nothing new) but for whatever reason, the pain meds worked more than usual. I got drowsy, also usual, but decided to opt for a cup of coffee. Caffeine usually is a no-no for me (slows digestion/can dry out water retention/increase heart rate). But, it also keeps me alert. And today, again, for some reason, it perfectly countered the drowse.

The result? Pain relief and no sleepiness. But wait, the day’s goodness did not end there. No pain, but still nausea (as usual). So, a little morning herb and soon after, I hit near normalcy. No awareness of pain, no drowsiness, and lovely hunger.

What happens when one feels suddenly normal? My energy level rises. Now it’s brunch time and I’m on a date with my wife at a local Mexican joint. I had 3 tacos. And no other issues. Bliss.

Ah… But the day’s goodness rolled along. My medical cannabis patient recommendation expires in a few days (which means another payment for a renewal to be scheduled soon). I decided to be safe and refill medications now, before my expiration.

I went to a local dispensary close to home, called Doctor’s Orders. I was getting a budget variety medicine, when a kind budtender suggested a much better quality version of medicine.

“It’s definitely nice but a bit out of my budget,” I replied.

“Trust me, this is what you want. Here, take it.” Then he dropped it in the paper bag that already had my budget choice inside.

“It’s on me,” he said, and I’m pretty sure I got a lump in my throat and blurred vision.

I thanked him very much and left them a note with my web address. Hopefully you guys read this and if you do, thanks again. Cannabis patients, check them out if you’re in the area (but don’t be a-holes and try to take advantage).

So, in conclusion: good day.

Fuck yeah.

The Grey

I just recently watched the new-ish movie, The Grey, starring Liam Neeson and I can’t stop thinking about it.  Cold, hard, unflinching. Beautiful, graceful, loving.

The movie is about a group of oil workers whose plane crash-lands in the frozen wilderness. For me, it worked as a standard adventure/thriller, but so much more as a personal survival story. Ultimately, it’s a showcase of the human spirit.

I don’t think another movie has resonated with me as much as The Grey did. I found it deeply personal, on many levels, but I don’t want to ruin any plot points if you haven’t seen it yet.

Now, if you have seen it, allow me to dig into why it affected me as much as it did:

Spoilers ahead… watch the movie first! Click to read more. ▼

It feels nice knowing there’s a film out there created just for me (of course it wasn’t, but I can dream). See it. Now.

Watch The Grey on Amazon or iTunes