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The Other Sock

The Other Sock

A continuation from That One Sock. Story by G.O. Art by me.

Let me take you back to the moment when my life changed. The trampoline was amazing. We bounced so high a couple of times, I was able to see the neighbor’s yard. I couldn’t believe the luck. I found the weather fascinating and the force with which I flew up, then back down, was gratifying. I figured that with all of the laughter, this would become a common thing. Oh, I knew that there would be others that would come sometimes, but if we did a good job, we may be able to do this often. So the plan was set, we would do our best and work together. One small slip-up and we may never return. We did it! We performed perfectly! Then he took us off. We chatted for a bit. Then we were all scooped up and…and…oh my gosh he dropped me. He didn’t turn around, he just left.

Read the full story at his site:

that one sock

That One Sock

Here is the second drawing of my recent collaboration with my brother-in-law.

A short story about a certain sock, longing for more. An excerpt below:

That One Sock

By Gary Oversen

It all started the day that the vacuum-sealed package was opened. I was one of the first socks pulled out. My owner raised us all up and thanked his mom for the thoughtful gift. I was proud that I would now be able to finally get out and possibly see a little of the world. Luckily, I am a tube sock. The ankle and “no-shows” have become all the trend, but I was happy to be a tube. The fact that I had an opportunity to have an older owner who may take me on some long vacations to exotic locations. Or possibly someone younger who would go out and play on a regular basis. All I knew was that when I was opened, I was going to be put to good use.

Read the rest at his blog: That One Sock

the moon

And the moon, it followed me home

Hey now. Hope your winter holiday season is going well. Here’s a little change of pace for you. An experiment, if you will. A little while ago, my brother-in-law began a blog of his own. A place to begin expressing his own creative outlets. He asked if I could help him with illustrations for some of his work. So I started doodling. Here is the first of…hm, I don’t know. Here’s drawing one (up there), inspired by my bro’s poem (down here):

And the moon, it followed me home

by Gary Oversen

I fell asleep on the way, coming home from the game.

I gazed up to see I wasn’t alone.

For this time, I would say, that my mind was to blame.

And the moon, it followed me home.

I was sure I could bare, the thought that it might scare.

But I’d hoped it wouldn’t take that tone.

It just winks and it glows, but there’s something it knows.

And the moon, it followed me home.

I just can’t shake its path; Will I feel it’s great wrath?

It seems to be there wherever I roam.

Keep in mind, I was nine. Now I understand why.

And the moon, it followed me home.

I survived, that whole time. With that white ball up high.

I started to comfort in all it’s great glow.

For as long as it’s alive, thank God, then so am I.

And the moon, it followed me home.

Check out his blog for more of his work. Happy New Year, kiddos!