The Other Sock

The Other Sock

A continuation from That One Sock. Story by G.O. Art by me.

Let me take you back to the moment when my life changed. The trampoline was amazing. We bounced so high a couple of times, I was able to see the neighbor’s yard. I couldn’t believe the luck. I found the weather fascinating and the force with which I flew up, then back down, was gratifying. I figured that with all of the laughter, this would become a common thing. Oh, I knew that there would be others that would come sometimes, but if we did a good job, we may be able to do this often. So the plan was set, we would do our best and work together. One small slip-up and we may never return. We did it! We performed perfectly! Then he took us off. We chatted for a bit. Then we were all scooped up and…and…oh my gosh he dropped me. He didn’t turn around, he just left.

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