Ya got guts, kid…

The highlight of this past weekend was attending a dance program featuring my daughter. I invited an old (but not old) friend who I had not seen in a long time, and it was great to catch up, and finally meet his lovely wife. I’m happy for you, Paul!

During the dance show, my wife was busy with backstage and other duties, so it was up to me to record the performance. Right before my kid was due to go onstage, however, her mom came out and let us know she was shivering with chills. Apparently a bad cold decided to set in right then and there.

But… it didn’t stop her. She went out, still shivering, and performed her full set. She said later that a few minutes into the dance her bad symptoms faded away. When I tucked her in that night I told her about how much heart she showed. I think I used the word “badass”. It fits.


  1. Steve Turner says:

    Hey. Just came to your site – very very good and conforting for others. Read some, impressed, BUT would like to know you are still there. You have email of mine so just a quick YES would do. Take it esy


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