She dances that style, too?

On May 21, 2011, we took our daughter to her very first live baseball game. It was at Raley Field, to watch a Rivercats game (minor league). She was totally into it. She was yelling, clapping, cheering…all of it. Unfortunately, we didn’t stay for the whole game since it was a school night (and it started at 7pm). Before the game, [my kiddo] and her dance team got to perform on the field. First, she danced to “On The Floor” with her school team. Then she performed not only with her team, but also four other area dance teams (all taught by the same instructor).

I don’t think I could care any less about top 40 pop hits. But that all changes when I see her dance. So, thanks kiddo, for replacing any disinterest I had in the music with your awesomeness. Now I’ll have your dance moves playing in my head whenever I hear these silly songs again. Perfect!

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