The Captain

Today, my heart weeps…

Yesterday, my sister’s dear friend passed away. His name was Jay, and he was a cancer WARRIOR. I was not very close to him, but felt connected to him through my sister, and – even more so – through the strength and goodwill he showed as a survivor.

I miss him, as I know many others do as well. My heart is also with Jay’s wife, Robin, who has demonstrated an amazing spirit and support for her Captain.

Love to you BOTH, Robin and Jay.

(Just Breathe by Pearl Jam)


  1. Robin Johnson says:

    Chris: Jay always admired your courage and strength…I am so…just so…don’t know the words yet. Thank you for your thoughts. I will talk to you soon.

  2. maytrella says:

    Thanks Chris, I love you. Our Captain did truly admire you & held you close to his heart… May he rest in peace.

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