Dream your way to paradise

Okay, another thought to ponder… This one’s not based on science (that I know of), just my own rambling.

When you dream, your sense of time can be a lot different than your sense of time when you are awake. For instance, you might dream for what seems like a day, only to wake up and realize a half hour has passed. I know I’ve had dreams that feel like they span months, or even a lifetime. They are like collages of memories I never had, mixed with the usual dream weirdness that pops up.

I know that those long dreams can only really last several minutes in the waking world. We only dream in REM state, and we’re only in REM for minutes at a time (that part IS based on science).

What if your mind had the ability to dream, in the seconds before your own death? Obviously, this wouldn’t be an option for some folks with sudden or otherwise horrendously distracting deaths.

But if you did have the opportunity to think in your final moments, what if your own dream could save you? What if you had a clear image of your own version of paradise? What if you held onto that dream/image as you exhaled for the last time?

Would your mind hold onto that image and stretch it out, like our dreams hold onto to their images? What if your brain could bend your sense of time so much, that in its final act, it could hold your dream for an eternity? An eternity, that for everyone else, would last as long as your final sigh?

Do you think we CAN imagine our way to eternal peace and happiness? I hope so.

I even have a detailed vision of what my own final thought would be (if I have the opportunity). It is my own personal version of paradise, and I’m keeping it in my back pocket, just in case.

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  1. Lilian says:

    Dear Chris!!!
    Keep it up. I know exactly that your “dreams” are not mere dreams. It is reality.Reality that will be possible in this our physical world.
    I am admired with your meditations on the Universe and I agree with you in many points. Very sound reasoning.It is for fair that those whom we call “Creator” would never invest such an incredible means in vain.This beautiful planet exists for the sake of people, everything here was adjusted FOR US.
    And we DO HAVE future. That are not mere dreams. Health and perfect bodies ever were the purpose of Creator, and He never renounces his intentions.There are very serious reasons why this purpose is yet postponed, but it really ONLY postponed.

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