Membrane Theory

Some of the smartest people on Earth are also the most creative. Consider the theoretical membrane theory, or M-theory:

Think of our gigantic 3D universe, from the Earth to the farthest edge of the cosmos. Next, imagine this same universe as a sheet of fabric, or membrane. Kind of like a sheet hanging on a clothesline, rippling slightly here and there, forming small bumps or valleys, like a sheet would with a faint breeze.

Then imagine a clothesline parallel to it, with a different sheet hanging from it, only an inch away from our own sheet (universe). According to M-theory, an explosion occurs whenever two universes collide. In this example, if the sheets touch, that would result in a big bang.

That means our own big bang might not have been the beginning, but only the most recent explosion as a result of a universe colliding with our own (billions of years ago).

Another aspect of M-theory, is the idea that there are an infinite number of universes in existence. Some might be identical to ours, with only tiny variations. Others might be radically different. A universe may exist without gravity for instance, or no life at all. And each collision of these universes, creates a new universe, over and over again.

If you subscribe to M-theory, you might find comfort in knowing that there is a universe out there, just like ours, including yourself. For instance, there may be a Chris in a parallel universe just like me. But maybe that Chris never had cancer. Or maybe his beloved grandma didn’t die from cancer. Maybe there’s a Chris out there who plays sports, who enjoys running, who doesn’t weigh 80 pounds. It’s a comforting thought. Far-fetched and way out there, but a comfort nonetheless.

It is ironic that I am finding peace and spirituality through science. But I am. Maybe you will, too.

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