In other news

We have been looking at apartments again, and so far we have it narrowed down to two choices in the Sacramento area. If all goes well, we should be back under our very own (well, rented) roof within weeks. Living as a single-family unit again can only benefit us, so I’m looking forward to it.

Operation Weight Gain is on hold, temporarily. Long story short: the double dose milkshake was way too much to handle. My stomach reacted strongly and negatively. Back to eating normal food for now, at least until I’m settled in the new apartment. Same old weight. So far, I’m stuck at around 80 pounds.

I haven’t given up, just putting things on hold. Taking a breather, if you will. But, I do have a request: Once I’ve posted that we’ve moved in to the new place, remind me to get off my ass and resume Operation Weight Gain. The double dose shake won’t work, but I do plan on at least finishing up all the formula I bought. It just won’t be at the pace I was hoping for.

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