Operation Weight Gain: Week 5

It has now been one solid month since the reintroduction of high-calorie shakes to my system. So far I’ve had plenty of nausea, but thankfully no vicious puking cycles. So far, so good.

Current weight: 81.0 (up 0.8 lbs from last week)

Since having this new phone, I downloaded a free application that allows me to record and keep track of what I eat. It also has a built-in weight graph, showing progress as I go. And it knows that I have a weight gain goal and gives a suggested amount of calories needed to achieve that goal. In my case, I need 1700 calories per day to gain weight at a rate of half a pound per week. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Wish it was.

After using this food diary application, I realize I’m eating roughly 1500 calories daily and feeling stuffed. This is at least 200 calories short of the weight gain goal. This also explains why my weight is basically frozen. I’ll get there. I do believe the nausea will level off the longer I keep up with the shakes. It’s bound to.

The Iron Gym exercise piece arrived last week, and so far the exercises have been something else. I set it up over a doorway, and then use a foot stool to hop onto the bars. At that point, if you were to see me, it would appear as though nothing happens. Just me hanging there. It was impossible not to laugh the first time I tried it. Apparently pull ups are not easy. Oh well, I gotta start somewhere. For me, somewhere is just BARELY lifting, but lots of tensing and holding. Shoulders, midback, pecs, and of course biceps. Then I use these straps and sort of hang by my elbows. I then bring my legs up, trying to use only my ab muscles. This is the most difficult part. My abs definitely need developing. The whole thing lasts ten minutes.

The good news about starting from the bottom, though, is you can only improve. And so I shall.

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