Operation Weight Gain: Week 4

Almost forgot to update this week. I weighed in Monday, and the scale said 80.2 lbs. The same as last week. I’m not upset, though. This is because I’ve had a cold, and my stomach hasn’t been great. With that in mind, I’m glad I maintained weight, at least.

In other news, I’m now set up with Verizon and my old ATT account is dead (or will be in a couple of days). Bro-in-law handed me down his old smartphone for free. Although, I shouldn’t call it “old” since it’s a new model. It’s an Android device and I am LOVING it. I’m writing this update from a phone… how cool is that? So, new phone for free AND full-featured cell service for less than half what we were paying. Pretty, pretty, pretty good. Thanks, G.O.!

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