Operation Weight Gain: Week 3

I had a setback a few days ago. I had a rough day and a half stomach-wise. I ended up vomiting. I think I narrowed down the offending food. That day, I had a benecalorie shake, Chinese-style fried rice (from Trader Joe’s) , and later some carne asada (also from Trader Joe’s). I think I just overate. That night I was bloated and next morning, it all came back up.

So… not surprisingly, this week my weight went back down. Newest weight: 80.2 lbs.

Yeah, not good, but I’m not defeated. In fact, it’s just about time to have my next shake…

Oh, the Iron Gym I ordered still hasn’t arrived. According to the tracking info, it should be here by the 31st. That’s good, since my stomach will have more time to adjust to the shakes before I introduce the next phase (working out).

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