Disney: Day 4

Wednesday, June 23, 2010:

On our fourth day at the Park we stayed mostly in Disneyland and were able to go on most of the “kiddie” rides (Peter Pan, Snow White, Pinocchio, etc.). We also rode on some of the rides I had missed due to my early exit the day before.

We also tried going on Monsters Inc. again, and this time, the whole ride worked without a hitch. We got to see the second half, which turned out was much cooler than the first half. I liked the room where all the doors are floating around.

The more rides I went on, though,  the more back pain I felt. Last time I came to Disneyland was 5 years ago. I weighed around 110. That’s 25+ pounds more than I weigh now. Those hard plastic/fiberglass backrests on the rides were pressing against my bony back. And my back shape really didn’t help at all. It’s hard to avoid NOT touching the backrests.

Another thing I noticed today is how reliant my weight maintenance is on a schedule. See, at home, I medicate roughly every 4-5 hours (more or less depending on nausea levels). When I eat, I usually get a small snack, or if it’s an entree, I eat what I can and fridge the rest for later. But at Disneyland, it’s near impossible to medicate in the park. Security cameras are everywhere, and there are even undercover security guards in normal clothes. They look like tourists.

I did stay the whole time though, but by the end, I was very sore, and I hadn’t eaten well that day.

Grrr… but again, to end positively:

My wife was my main wheelchair helper/pusher. She helped a lot and without that extra help my arms would be wasted with all of the Park’s rough and hilly terrain. So I do bless her for that.


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