She can do it!

About 2 weeks ago, my wife had her medical assisting graduation ceremony. I was very glad our daughter was there to see her mom walk in the cap and gown. My wife makes for an awesome example. She graduated the program with a 4.0 GPA. Aw yeah! I’m so proud of her. She studied her butt off.

(Love you, honey!)

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  1. Thania Ormonde says:

    WOW! I just heard the news and saw the video for the first time. Congratulations Telly, that is so awesome…it went by so quickly…you are amazing, a 4.0, you should be so proud of was awesome to see the video, thanks chrispi…I am so very happy for you and so proud of you. WOOHOOO!!!!! Shawntel…amazing how you managed to get done with school, get a 4.0 and still balance everything else. This is a big, big deal, the best of luck with pursuing your medical career…you can do it!…CONGRATULATIONS is not enough..Great job sista! I miss you and love you guys!

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