On health (and other stuff)…

Health status: Eh, same ol’, same ol’. Which is to say, generally crappy, but not terrible. Back pain is still always around, but the severity has diminished a bit. Pain scale-wise (1=no pain, 10=worst pain ever), I’d say it’s gone from a solid 8-9 to a solid 6+. I’ll take it. My weight is the same, which is to say way too thin. But on the bright side, I am throwing up much less thanks to finding a proper medicine schedule.

Marriage status: trouble in paradise (no further comment). But, I think the reason is mainly due to the financial strain we’re under. For instance, last time I saw a disability check was 9 weeks ago. Disability insurance isn’t always quick (the bastards). But the good news here is that a bigger check is being Fed-Exed overnight. FINALLY.

Living status: Not bad at all. We’re still living with my bro-in-law and his family. It’s working out smoothly and the two kids play (and annoy themselves) frequently. It’s pretty good. The bad news is that it is short-term. Unfortunately, the home we’re in will be foreclosed some time in August. I feel for them. It must be heartbreaking to lose a home. We’ll be moving again soon.

So, overall outlook? Very optimistic, actually. For once, I feel like everything will be just fine. It’s like Dr. Malcolm (Jeff Goldbum) says in Jurassic Park:

Life….uh…finds a way


  1. Thania Ormonde says:

    I will never understand why things happen as they do…it seems at time that life is so full of mystery. We can spend endless hours asking or wondering why? and never do we get a response we are satisfied with. You have lived the life of many men through all your trials and tribulations, though all the tests of faith, through physical and emotional pain…how I have prayed that I could take it all away…I will not tell you to think positive or have faith, I can not speak to it from your perspective, but I will simply say to have courage, you know you possess a strong spirit. You are the driver of your life seat, you can determine or choose which path to take, just hang in there chrispi and don’t lose sight…for if we lose hope, we lose ourselves..so I will simply say, just hang in there,somehow someway things will fall into place..as always you are in my heart and prayers. I love you so much my brother.

    • Chris says:

      Thank you, sista! I love ya, too. Sometimes there’s freedom in chaos, because you know that some things are just uncontrollable. The only choice is to ride the wave. I think that’s where I am right now. I’m also so used to one stressor after another that I’m starting to laugh at how silly it all is. I agree that things will fall into place. They always do. And then they blow up. And then fall in place all over again. Ah… life 🙂

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