Disneyland – The road there

Saturday, June 19, 2010:

Woke up this morning and finished up the last few bits of packing that I had left to do. This mainly translated to matching gadgets with their chargers.

We were on the road around 1PM when I realized it – the minivan we were in had no auxiliary audio input (the little headphone jack)! Ah! And no FM transmitter! Cripes! I couldn’t connect my old, trusty mp3 player and share my wonderfully tailored, family-friendly, 80s new wave and soundtrack, cheesefest spectacular playlist with everyone!

But, it wasn’t all bad. Bro-in-law had quite a few gems that we would’ve heard had MY mix been played. I’m talking pop classics like:

Young Hearts

Download: Amazon // iTunes


You’re The Best Around

Download: Amazon

BUT we didn’t get to hear other classics like:


Download: Amazon // iTunes


If You Were Here

Download: Amazon // iTunes

The commute was much quicker than I was expecting. Then again, that could be because I mostly slept. The kids colored. Then my daughter watched Brady Bunch episodes on this same laptop. And my nephew napped. We made it in around 6 hours.

We had dinner a few hours ago at an IHOP. The place was packed and we didn’t want to wait to be sat, so we ended up at separate (but side-by-side) tables. I sat with my wife while the kids sat with the adults at a booth across from us. The hostess handed my wife a standard, big, laminated menu and gave me a paper placemat. Yeah, the kid menu. That must’ve been the 957th time that’s happened to me. Sonuva! Actually, I thought it was funny and the hostess made up a quick excuse (“Oops I thought I handed you a normal menu, sorry sir!”).

My stomach hasn’t felt great but I brought along the usual meds, and I’m feeling okay right now.

Tomorrow, we hit up Disneyland… It’ll be a long day, I’m sure. I’ve brought my wheelchair, but I do plan on walking every now and then for a little exercise (and so my ass doesn’t go numb). The weather is supposed to be mid-70s, so it should be perfect.

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