'Tis the season to be grateful

I wanted to get this message out before tonight. Thank you to all the well-wishers and online supporters. A special thanks to the following people:

Mama and Dadda

Pam and Jeff

Gary Sr.

Maytrella, Luis, and family


Thania, Kenny, and the kids

My bro, Alan

and my newest bro Gary, his wife Kristen, and little Geegs

Paul and Tommie Jean

Marie L.

Luis R. (for not giving up on me)

Uncle Wayne

Cora Lupea

Let’s give ’em a round of applause, ladies and gents! They have each helped ease our stress during this most stressful of times. But it worked. I feel the love and support and it’s wonderful.

Your care and support fuels me and gives me strength. What a gift.

From our family to yours:

May you all have a joyful Me-mas (get it? My name’s Chris?) and new year!

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