My favorite, most impossible fantasy

There have been two main recurring dreams in my life. I’ve written about my darkest recurring dream. But there’s also been a parallel fantasy, one created out of pure want and joy. This one was also born in a hospital, soon after I realized I couldn’t move my legs after the first surgery (again, I was 7). It’s a dream I absolutely adore. I’ve had it more than a few times throughout my life. It goes something like this:

I’m standing in the middle of a vast, green field. Bright and green grass in every direction, as far as I can see. Up above, a deep blue sky and bright white clouds. In the horizon, there is a giant golden sun. I’m able to look at it without squinting.

I am barefoot. I look down and see wet blades of grass between my toes. I smile, plant my feet, and run. I feel my feet kicking dew drops off the grass. I run faster. My legs are strong and nimble. I run faster still, into the horizon. I feel and hear the wind whipping through my hair and rustling against my clothes.

I close my eyes, and continue to sprint. My lungs take in deep, huge breaths of pure, oxygen-rich air. I feel the blood pumping through my veins, propelling my muscles. GO, I think to myself. GO, GO, GO! The sound of the wind increases. WHOOSH!

Then, on my next step, I bend both knees low and push off the ground. I am airborne, and then time slows to a crawl. My jump becomes a long, slow arc. When I land again, it’s back to full speed running. Then I jump again, even higher and farther this time. And again, my air time lasts a long time. I am Super Mario, reborn.

In the distance ahead, I see an ocean. I rush toward it. It is a calm sea, reflecting the sky above and the golden sun. As I get closer and closer, I realize the field I’m running on ends with a sheer cliff. But I have no worry or fear. I am ecstatic in this body. I keep rushing forward and moon-jump my way to the sea.

I approach the cliff with no slowdown, and with one last jump, I push off the edge and soar into the sky. My arms open wide. I blaze into the sun. I am Superman. WHOOSH!

And then… I wake up.

Always with a smile after that dream…

(On a related note: if you’re in a wheelchair or otherwise limited body, and you can get yourself to a 3D theater screen, go see Avatar. The first ten minutes or so demonstrates another interpretation of the same dream I just wrote about, and it’s thrilling. A wonderful escape.)

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