And the hits keep-a-comin!

Since I’m on a leave of absence from work, and my FMLA has completely expired, I’ve been officially fired (as of November something). BUT – the company is letting me keep the medical insurance and pay the same rate as I would if I was still an employee.

I added my wife to my medical plan long ago, and the monthly premium is about $45.00. Well, I was informed by my HR department that starting in January, the rates are going up.

The new premium payment, beginning January 2010, will be $120.00 for the EXACT SAME COVERAGE. And that’s what an employee pays, NOT COBRA rates!

Now, I also have Medi-Cal as a backup insurance. It’s actually Western Health Advantage (Medi-Cal) and that allows me to be seen at UC Davis, my current medical center. But guess what? Starting January, Medi-Cal will NOT offer Western Health Advantage in Sacramento county. And WHA was the only Medi-Cal plan accepted by UC Davis.

I’m now a statistic. Yet another American in need of medical care with terrible insurance.

How sad to feel the shift from Pediatrics to Adult medicine. There are so many helpful programs and benefits for kids (as there should be) but so little follow-up programs/benefits for those same kids who never fully healed.

Ah…that’s life.

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