We’re outta there…

We moved out of our apartment this past weekend. The week or so before that was spent packing, cleaning, and trashing/donating most things we forgot we even had.

Our official last day is in about 2 weeks, but just about all of our belongings are now moved.

I’m now coming to you live, from my same couch, but on the floor of my bro-in-law’s house. He’s going through a loan modification process on his home. In the meantime, he and his family are in an apartment. He knew of our situation, and called me recently and offered us his home (at a reduced rent, while the bank takes it’s time figuring out the home loan), as a place to stay. My wife and I thought it would be a good idea, and help to catch up with our debt.

Best case scenario: His loan modification goes well and he keeps his home. This would mean his trio (wife and son) would move back in and then we’d share the place. 2 families and 2 silly cousins under one roof will be…interesting. I wonder which parent will have a heart attack first with those two little hooligans running around?  BUT… I’m getting ahead of myself. In fact, I’ve gone back to basics, recently. When life goes too fast, I go back to what works. And what works? One day at a time.

Current state: exhausted and overwhelmed. But also grateful.

Thank you to family and friends for stepping up. Who knew? All I had to do was ask… Yeah, I’m tired and hurting, but this has all been bearable thanks to your support. I didn’t lift couches or heavy boxes or dressers. My family did. My wife did.

This week has been spent unpacking and organizing. Still a lot to do. Apologies for the unread emails and missed calls. Sometimes it just feels like there’s constant noise and static in every direction. It can be overbearing. Chaos. I’m not sure yet how to handle it well. For now,  I go “offline” purposefully.

I feel like I have a lot to say but…just exhausted. I’ll get to it. Thank you to everyone who has and is helping.

Hope remains.

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