My loving wife, a.k.a. Super Woman

29 years ago on this very day, an Angel was born. I would like to take a moment to recognize my lovely wife, who has done so much for me and our family. This one’s for you, Bebe:

Thank you.

I can’t say it enough. You are the first person that allowed me to open up. You encourage me every step of the way. And when I am stubborn and upset, you keep me going. It is you who helped me unmask the silence. Your warmth and loving spirit is a daily reminder of life’s beauty. I don’t know how you do all that you do.

I am sorry for not telling you each day how much I appreciate you. I am beyond grateful for having you at my side. Thank you for your support. Lord knows I ain’t quite what you asked for in a husband, but you have embraced your vows to me each day. You’ve handled every hurdle like a champ.

Thank you for:

– Driving me anywhere and everywhere
– Picking up my meds
– Calling me and asking what snacks I might want from the grocery store
– Homemade Chicken Milano pasta…mmm, mmm good
– Being a couch potato with me (when you aren’t doing something for our daughter or myself)
– Your boobs!
– Walking Cosmo on your lunchtime
– Your radiant smile
– Your laughter
– Taking our daughter to dance practice
– Extra cheesy, baked macaroni
– Your compassion
Your heart. It rivals the sun in size and brightness.
– Giving me fashion advice (I’d be lost without you)
– Telling me things will be all right
– Your booty!
– Your patience
– Your enchiladas! Double mm mm good.
– All the tears we shed together, whether they be joyful or sad
– For making me feel like:

Me, age 8

– Thank you most of all for the wonderful memories.

Memories…they turn out to be the most powerful thing of all. They can erase a dark thought instantly.

In fact, I remember what fun we had when we visited Fort Bragg not too long ago. Remember on our way back home we drove through wine country? We’ve got to do that again sometime.

…and like THAT, you made my day, honey. I hope I made yours, too. This memory is but one of many. Today is a great day.

I love you.
Happy Birthday!

(In case you’re wondering, no sad posts today. This is a tribute to your shining light.)

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  1. Telly (wife) says:

    Oh my god, honey! I’ve now read this post 5 times and still get teary. I never would have expected this. May we continue to make many many more wonderful memories. I love you dearly and this is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I’m such a lucky wife to have a man that is as courageous and strong as you are. No other man I’ve known has ever been faced with the realities you’ve been faced with and has been able to keep their cool. Yes, I’ve been hearing about your pain and suffering since the beginning, but never felt the emotions you brought forth this weekend with your family. I feel like I now have a part of you that I’d never had before and I’m thankful to have been able to share that between all of us. You are my best friend! You keep me going every single day. I thank you for being my heart, my soul, my love! I appreciate you for all that you are and all that you’ve become. You are an awesome daddy and the best husband in the world!!! Now I’m going to rest my eyes and hope to see you in my dreams. :)

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