July 14, 2002. That was the night my wife and I officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. How cheesy 🙂

Seven years ago! Time flies.

I remember one of the very first gifts I gave her was a drawing I made of a rose (I had carefully torn it from my sketch pad).

Later, a 2-year old [kiddo] found the little rose drawing and ripped it up! She LOVED shredding things back then. My wife (then girlfriend) felt horrible, but I had no hard feelings. After all, her kiddo was only 2.

In honor of my wife here is a rose, also drawn by me, that can NOT be torn apart:

That’s a fresh drawing, since I drew it today. Literally, just minutes ago. You inspired me enough to do just want to do it out of thin air. I was just going to come online and WRITE about our 7 year anniversary.

On a really bad day, too (physically). That is, of course, until I thought of you.
Here’s to another seven. And seven after that…and on and on…

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  1. May (sis) says:

    My sweet, dear Chris-pee 🙂
    I just want to tell you that I love you so very very much, and only wish that (even for just a little bit) I could carry your pain for you… God knows that I would. Hang in there my little brother, we will and must find a solution for you.

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