Imagine your worst stomach flu ever.

Now imagine you have to walk 20 miles.

Then it starts to snow.

Minutes later you are in a desert.

Then ants crawl over you and sting every inch of your skin they can find.

Snowing again.

Then you vomit.

Desert-like heat.

More vomit.

Ice cold storm.

Lungs burning.

Bones aching.

Vomit. You wonder how there’s still food inside?

You burn up.



Stomach churning.

Insides twisting.

You dry heave now, since there’s nothing left inside you.

More ants crawling and stinging, but this time, they are under your skin.

Dry heaves. One more retch and you feel as though your intestines will start spilling out from your mouth.

Cold as hell.

Piercing headache, like needles through your eyes and temples.

Hot as hell.

Every noise is like a loud crash.

More dry heaves, only spit and snot come out now.

You are as exhausted and uncomfortable as you have ever felt in your life.

Then imagine you’re on mile #2.

That’s chemotherapy (to a seven-year-old).

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  1. Thania (sis) says:

    Chris my amazing bro,
    I appreciate and applaud the truth and rawness of your reality…it is so beautifully captured…and definitely make no apologies…..i love the rawness, the cussing, the anger…your writing is so powerful i feel chills, intensity…i can feel your pain your emotion in a way i have not felt before…thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart…please continue to write, share what you are feeling and know chris that there are others in the world who have had similar paths….i just must tell you continue to write your writing is so powerful it reads like a memoir…others must read it…seriously some day this needs to be published…i love you so much and thanks for sharing your innermost self….

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